Why Conduct Background Checks?
No matter what business you’re in the people that you choose to hire are what makes your business tick. Today, many businesses rely on computer technology. So, regarding employee theft, it is no longer just a question of “Are my employees stealing office supplies?” If an employee with less than the highest integrity is allowed access to company records and computers, the risk to your business could be enormous. Background checks may help you minimize financial loss to your business. In many negligent hiring lawsuits, courts are judging on behalf of the victim if the employer has not taken some pre-employment measures to ensure the integrity of the employees hired. An employer who makes the effort to conduct a background check on its employees not only shows “Due Diligence”, but clearly establishes the impression that they are concerned about their customers as well as the other workers they employ.

After years of Law Enforcement experience, we have seen no other crime rate rise as quickly as computer fraud and identity theft. The reactive approach of law enforcement often offers little comfort to the victims. The best approach to ensure that your customers don’t become victims of such incidents is to take steps to ensure that you are hiring quality people who can be trusted with your valued customer’s personal information

What information do I need to obtain a criminal record report on an individual?
A person’s name and date of birth are both required, at a minimum. If possible providing the applicant’s social security number and current address will increase the likelihood of a matching record.

Can I Conduct a Background Check Without the Individual Knowing About It?
No, not for purposes of employment or tenancy; a written waiver and consent is required by law.

Are There Any Sign-Up or Monthly Fees For The Service?
No. There are sign-up requirements, as each of our clients must be identified. These requirements are limited to some simple forms and disclaimers that each client is required to complete and return to us before we can establish a business relationship. There are no set-up fees or monthly fees. You will be aware of the cost of each inquiry you make before you make it and pay only for those inquiries

What do I do if my request reveals a positive criminal record?
If you have conducted the inquiry in connection with a pre-employment query or a tenancy issue you have certain responsibilities that you must fulfill before taking action based solely or in part on the results of the search. These responsibilities are based upon the Fair Credit Reporting Act and other similar laws and regulations. We have provided you with links to sources of information that will guide you through this process on the Important Considerations and Resources page of this website.

How far back does the data from a criminal search go?
The general rule of thumb for these types of records is seven to twelve years depending on jurisdiction.